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CCTV cameras to fortify banking operations

Financial institutions face attack from many directions. ATM fraud, armed robberies, and employee theft are among the ways criminals strike.

CamScan’s security solutions help financial institutions secure their properties and their assets. Compatible with third-party technologies, our state-of-the-art PTZ cameras and DVR platforms create safe environments for cash-handling personnel and customers by monitoring real-time events as they occur. With CamScan security cameras strategically placed in key areas—teller windows, lobbies, ATMs, vaults, parking lots, and door entrances and exits—financial institutions are able to detect unusual activity, suspicious vehicles, foreign objects, and other potential threats.

Maximum resolution. Microscopic detail. Our HD-SDI and HD-IP cameras have large focal-length lenses that capture video at extremely high resolution. The detail is razor-sharp and allows security personnel—even those located many meters away—to see individual bank notes clearly. This, along with facial recognition capability, enables banks to monitor and analyze every customer transaction. It also allows security professionals to rapidly identify individuals with criminal history that are inside bank buildings.

Advanced capabilities for big data. Additionally, CamScan solutions enable banks to meet lengthy storage time requirements for maintaining information. How? Our systems give financial institutions the platforms they need to store up to several petabytes of data at any time.

ATM fraud protection. Our vandal-proof cameras are perfectly suited for installation on ATMs. They are tamper-resistant, weather-durable, and adjust to dark and bright light settings—giving banks more armor to defend against thieves and ATM fraud.

From local bank security to surveillance across a network of financial branches, CamScan has the CCTV cameras and DVR solutions to help you keep your valuables in the vault. Contact us to learn more.