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PTZ cameras that keep your citizens safe

Metropolitan areas are rife with crime and traffic congestion. Keeping citizens safe is a challenge for most cities, however, given the constraint of limited budgets.


CamScan’s suite of cost-effective surveillance solutions helps city officials overcome this obstacle—no matter the size of the town. With our security cameras mounted throughout urban areas—on utility poles, traffic lights, vehicles, and buildings—metropolitan entities can easily monitor transportation depots, ferry stations, bridges, parking garages, historical monuments, and other public locations. CamScan’s city surveillance systems are designed to handle vast networks thanks to their ability to support thousands of cameras at full HD and real-time resolutions. CamScan’s outdoor PTZ cameras have 250m infrared LED illumination to see at night in 0 Lux lighting conditions. They also withstand -40 to +75 degree Celsius temperatures and windy environments.


Reduce crime. Maximize resources. CamScan products assist police efforts and make better use of resources. When CCTV cameras catch crime in action, sophisticated facial recognition capabilities help officers follow suspects—in real-time—down busy, pedestrian-packed streets. Able to capture exceptional detail, CamScan’s PTZ cameras and DVR systems provide police and investigators with high-quality, court-admissible evidence. Since surveillance operations are conducted at Police Headquarters using DVRs and video management software, fewer patrols are needed on the ground.


Manage traffic. Improve emergency response. CamScan’s outdoor PTZ cameras have traffic control applications that ease congestion and enhance safety. When information is conflicting or incomplete, our surveillance systems enable emergency personnel to fill in the gaps—giving firefighters, police, and paramedics valuable information to strengthen their response capabilities.


Our CCTV and DVR systems are scalable. They are ideal for growing cities and can accommodate the addition of new security cameras to the network. Discover how CamScan can help your city to secure its streets.