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Is your hospital’s security camera system in need of a checkup?

Hospitals are prime targets for thieves. Data files, equipment, and medicine are coveted items that often go missing. But it’s not just hospital assets that disappear. Thanks to high volumes of traffic, visitor and patient belongings frequently vanish as well.

Hospitals can minimize theft risks with CamScan’s cutting-edge CCTV camera and recording systems. With intrusion and missing object detection, alarm triggers, vandal-proof casings, and dark and bright light capabilities, our solutions keep hospital security one step ahead of perpetrators. Whether limiting restricted zone loitering, preventing attacks on hospital staff, or securing pediatric wings, our range of PTZ cameras and surveillance accessories enable healthcare facilities to maximize modern technologies for safety and protection.

Total integration. Better control. One of the most valuable benefits of CamScan products is their ability to assimilate with existing security systems and analog cameras. Our solutions integrate with RFID tracking systems, for instance, to give hospitals greater ability to monitor patients, personnel, equipment, instruments, and pharmaceuticals. Our camera systems also incorporate with third-party access control and nurse call systems to help staff deliver superior care to patients. By integrating CamScan’s CCTV cameras, DVRs, and network video recorders into security infrastructure, hospitals enhance surveillance and minimize the need for additional security staff.

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