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Do you have the right security cameras to manage your prison effectively?

When it comes to prison security, there’s no room for error. Violent outbreaks, slow response times, and free-flowing contraband pose threats to guards, inmates, and visitors.

That’s why correctional facilities throughout North America rely on CamScan to deliver top-of-the-line security cameras they can count on. Our range of anti-vandal CCTV cameras and DVR systems enable maximum- and minimum-security facilities to capture and store superior quality video of activity throughout prison and jail areas. It’s tamper-proof data that can be used as evidence in court.

From PTZ cameras to infrared detection devices, the CamScan product line gives you a global view of prison activities—no matter the conditions. Our durable indoor and outdoor security cameras withstand extreme temperatures—hot and cold—and they allow for surveillance in dim and bright light environments.

More coverage. Better integration. CamScan’s CCTV cameras also enable greater coverage with fewer resources. Thanks to the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom, PTZ camera operators can conduct “virtual guard” tours of multiple prison areas from one central location. Our CCTV cameras and recorders also assimilate with intrusion detection systems, giving prisons another weapon to secure their perimeters. Similarly, CamScan products work with access control systems to prevent inmate escape through seamless integration of lighting, intercom, and CCTV security camera operations during emergency lock-down procedures.

Ask us how we can help with upgrades and new surveillance systems at your maximum-security prison, local police jail, or other correctional facility.