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Retail Stores

CCTV cameras and surveillance systems to keep retailer profits in the store

Retailers lose billions each year to theft. Inventory loss from shoplifters, vendors, and employees stealing goods takes its toll on retail returns. But shrinkage isn’t the only thing affecting bottom lines. Parking lot assaults, vandalism, and fraudulent liability claims also slash earnings.

Stop theft. Leading retailers throughout North America turn to CamScan when they need sophisticated video surveillance security. Why? Our high-definition PTZ cameras help retailers monitor suspicious activity, deter theft, and effectively prosecute shoplifters. CamScan’s wide angle cameras and flexible zoom options give retailers a powerful way to simultaneously monitor multiple areas of the shopping property, and our cost-effective solutions can incorporate up to 32 channel installations.

Monitor POS transactions. CamScan DVRs and security cameras are also fully compatible with POS (point-of-sale) systems. By integrating surveillance equipment at cashier stations, retailers can record every transaction on video. This prevents inventory and cash theft by employees.

Document events. Our CCTV cameras and IP surveillance solutions deliver crisp, 1080p resolution video that provides conclusive evidence in criminal prosecutions and liability claims. The fast search and playback features of CamScan’s CMS and VMS software allow retailers to quickly examine multi-camera surveillance footage.

Safeguard staff and shoppers. Give your consumers a safe retail environment that keeps them focused on shopping instead of on potential hazards. With our megapixel indoor and outdoor PTZ cameras, you can curb vandalism and protect shoppers and employees from dangerous criminal activity.

In addition to security benefits, our video surveillance data gives retailers valuable insight into foot traffic patterns and purchasing decisions. Discover how your local shop, store chain, or mall can benefit from our CCTV camera and DVR solutions. Contact CamScan today.